About Us

Adri Stockton started the mobile x-ray company that was to become On-Site Occupational Health (OSOH) X-rays in 1999 with only one x-ray unit and one employee.

As business started to grow, Adri brought in a second unit to service her existing clients and made use of locum radiographers to process the growing number of x-rays analysed by the company.


Adri Stockton and Margot Ferreira

From 2002 the staff began to grow. Permanent employees were taken in and equipment increased to four units. It wasn’t long before Adri’s aspirations shifted; Her vision was to run a nationally operational company.

In 2002 Margot Ferreira joined On-Site Occupational Health X-rays as a radiographer, but quickly moved up the ranks to manager and in 2007 became a partner.

Today OSOH X-rays has 13 x-rays units at their disposal and a staff compliment of 34 permanent employees, including Joshua Mashiloane who was Adri’s first employee back in 1999.

Our staff -- dressed in pink for cancer awareness

In 2008 Adri was named as the national winner in Entrepreneur category by the South African Council for Business Women.

Adri and Margot’s vision is to render a professional service to all our clients, with our focus being commitment and quality x-rays.

Staff dressed in traditional dress for Heritage Day